The security plan will continue until the last pilgrim leaves Karbala: JOC

  • 18-09-2022, 12:53
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    Joint Operations Command confirmed Sunday that the security plan for the Arbaeen Pilgrimage will continue until the last visitor leaves the holy governorate of Karbala, while indicating the involvement of air ambulances in the plan.

    The spokesman for the joint operations, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said, in a statement that "the joint operations worked through the higher committee supervising the Arbaeen Pilgrimage , headed by the Minister of Interior, under the direction and supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces," noting that "  For about two months, the committee has been preparing for this pilgrimage through proactive planning and operations, which contributed to the success of the millionth pilgrimage.

    He added, "The intelligence and security effort contributed to the stability of this pilgrimage through the instructions it issued to the pilgrims”, adding that “there are capabilities  for the medical and service effort of the Ministry of Defense, Interior and the popular mobilization forces by opening them to more than 50 treatment tents and providing medical services and more than 105 ambulance vehicles.”

    He added, however, that "challenges faced the work of the Joint Operations Command, including terrorism and the attempt to influence the pilgrimage ," pointing out to "the role of preemptive security operations and air strikes, in which many terrorists were killed, as well as thwarting terrorist plans that were trying to affect the security and safety of the pilgrimage and pilgrims ."

    He continued, "The Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi, confirmed, during a statement issued by the Security Media Cell, that the pilgrimage will continue until the last pilgrim leaves the holy governorate of Karbala.”