New title for Iraq in Kickboxing

  • 17-09-2022, 23:10
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    Iraq earned the 13th Arab Kickboxing Championship title after winning 17 gold medals.

    The 13th Arab Kickboxing Championship, which was held in Damascus, Syria was concluded on Saturday evening. 

    The Iraqi national team excelled in all game systems, achieving first place, and the results went as 17 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. The Syrian team came in second place.

    Mustafa Karim won the gold medal, Ali Naim earned the gold medal for the 71 kg, while Mustafa Talib, Ali Mujbil also took the gold medal after achieving victory over the Syrian players.

    In the super heavyweight, the Iraqi player Ramy Adel snatched the gold medal after his victory over the Jordanian player with the bean contact system.

    Hussein Nassif played against the Jordanian, achieving the gold medal with a weight of 54 kg, and Ahmed Sadiq added, with a weight of 51 kg, the gold medal.  

    Youssef Salih, weighing 91 kg, won the gold in Ki-One and by knockout.

    Muhammad Ali won the silver medal, Haider Muhammad won the silver medal after against the Algerian player, and the player Muhammad Matar won the 57 kg weight to win the silver medal too, as Mohsen Ali won another silver medal in the weight of 91. Then, Tabarak Raad won the bronze medal.

    Muhammad Hassan also won the gold medal in the Foul Contact system over the Syrian counterpart in a weight of 60 kg, as the player Rikan Latif earned the gold medal with a weight of 75 kg, and the player Abdul Khaliq Sobeih won the gold for Ki-One over the Yemeni player.

    Hussein Naim managed to obtain the silver medal against the Algerian player in the weight of 57, Hussein Sami snatched the gold medal after his victory over the Syrian player with the kick-lite system, and the young player, Muhammad Ali, won the silver medal in the semi-contact system.

    Ali Rahim won the silver medal against the Algerian in the weight of 63 kg, while Muhammad Walid Shaarawy won the gold medal after defeating the Syrian player. 

    Ali Karim also won the gold medal, and the player Safaa also won the silver medal, also Ameer won the gold medal in the semi-system.

    The Iraqi Referees excelled in their leadership of the championship matches, as the participating countries praised the ingenuity of the Iraqi referees in leading the important matches.