CTS: Cyber ​​war is part of our duties to eliminate the remnants of ISIS

  • 16-09-2022, 15:04
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    The Counter-Terrorism Service-CTS , today, Friday, clarified its basic tasks, and while stressing the existence of international cooperation to eliminate terrorists, he indicated that cyber war is part of its work because of its impact on security.

    CTS spokesperson , Sabah al-Numan, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "CTS's primary mission is to combat terrorist crime and various terrorist crimes, not just field work or combat," noting that "part of CTS work is combating cyber war, which is a type of terrorist crime that, if exploited by terrorist organizations, would have a significant impact on security. "

    Al-Numan added, "The capabilities of the Counter-Terrorism Service and its mission, according to the CTS strategy, is to combat the causes and prevention of terrorism and combat all forms of terrorist crime, not just the field combat of ISIS and other organizations.".

    He stressed, "There is international cooperation to eliminate terrorism," noting that "CTS possesses very large experiences in the field of combating terrorism, and possesses information about Arab and foreign terrorists who were killed in Mosul, and today CTS is desired by all countries to enhance experiences and benefit from the experiences and lessons that he got it".