Air Force Command plans achieving 100% transfer of responsibility to Iraq

  • 16-09-2022, 12:51
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    Air Force Command revealed Friday plans to achieve a 100% transfer of responsibility to Iraqi hands, while affirming the leadership in suppressing Deash terrorism.

     The Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant-General Shihab Jahid, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The requirements that the Iraqi Air Force needs are of two types: technical and training," noting that "the requirements complete skills using weapons, reduce accidents and reflect positive results on affiliates, pilots and maintenance personnel.  

     He added that "the Air Force has many foreign dealings, given that its weapons are diverse," noting that "each type of aircraft has contracts, maintenance with the manufacturer, and training courses so that Iraq is qualified to work on it."

     He pointed out that "the Air Force is now in the modern planning period, and there is a prepared plan that started in 2020 to the end of 2025," noting that "the plan includes placing all aircraft operating in the Air Force with a transfer rate of more than 80%."

    Regarding the Turkish air violations, Jahid stressed that "the Turkish violations are known through the air defense reports, and there are plans and procedures to defend the borders," noting that "these decisions are followed by orders from higher institutions to study these violations and the extent of their seriousness and impact,” pointing out that "at the present time, there are plans and ability of defending the skies and the land of Iraq."

     And on the result of the investigations into the martyrdom of pilots outside Iraq, Jahid explained that “airline accidents happen in all countries of the world, even in major industrial ones such as America, France, China and Japan,” noting that “training on aircraft must make mistakes, whether they are technical or human.”

    Regarding air strikes against terrorism, Jahid stressed that "the Air Force has the leadership in suppressing and pursuing Daesh gangs' hideouts, through the support of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense, Chief of Army Staff and the Joint Operations Command," adding that "the results achieved against terrorism are very impressive and high."

    He continued, "The air force is able to secure support for the military sectors in any party," noting that "Daesh gangs have no room to move now, and there is a significant escalation in the pace of terrorist killing."