Drones, a modern weapon detecting sleeper cells

  • 7-09-2022, 21:27
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    Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday, upon 5 advantages of drones in detecting sleeper cells, while stressing Iraq's need for it.
    "Drones entered the war with Daesh and have long distance dispatches and transmit day and night images, as it can be used to detect sleeper cells," said the Director of Aviation of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Pilot Walid Hussein, to the Iraqi News Agency – INA.
    Hussein noted that, "these drones are important, and are considered cheap compared to warplanes, as it can cover large areas and for long periods without high costs, in addition to meeting the intelligence need through the transfer of weapons along to reconnaissance."
    "Drones have recently entered the military and security fields, and it earned rapid development through the use of high electronic technologies,” he highlighted.
    He explained that "Iraq needs these drones, as it is useful in reconnaissance, photography and surveillance for long periods," noting that "there are sleeper cells for Daesh in remote places, and these drones can reach those areas, in addition to their specifications and licenses. This serves the security and military units."