From Holy Karbala, Enad issues a directive to all military forces

  • 7-09-2022, 12:59
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    Defense Minister Juma Enad confirmed on Wednesday that the military forces have great experience in securing the Arbaeen pilgrimage, while pointing out that all the units must implement the plan correctly.
    In a press conference he held with the governor of the holy city of Karbala Nassif al-Khattabi and attended by a reporter of the Iraqi News Agency INA, Enad said that "my visit to the holy province of Karbala aims to oversee the plans put in place to ensure protection for pilgrims of the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein."
    He added that "the commander of operations briefed on the joint units in the plan," stressing that "our units have great experience in this aspect but we calculate for the worst possibility."
    "All security forces and supporting units must implement the plan correctly," he said, stressing "the importance of securing the Arbaeen visit and confronting any threat in this period by the terrorist Daesh."
    Enad thanked "the governor of Karbala and the commander of operations for the cooperation and support of the province."