IMN publishes the first illustrated encyclopedia of Iraq's archaeological history

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  • 11-08-2022, 21:57
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    The Iraqi Media Network issued the first illustrated encyclopedia of Iraq's archaeological history, which was implemented by the network's idea in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi Banks, included 600 images documenting glimpses of Iraq's history in high quality.

    The head of the Iraqi Media Network, Dr. Nabil Jassim, said in his speech on the occasion, which was attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Today we celebrate the launch of the first part of the Iraq Illustrated Encyclopedia series (Iraq's Civilizations), and this cultural project is an essential part of the tasks of the Iraqi Media Network and its cadres, for decades.

    He added, "We extend our sincere thanks to our cadres who worked on this project and its subsequent steps, including writers, designers, language supervisors and printing workers, and thanks also to our partners in the project, the Central Bank of Iraq represented by Governor Mustafa Ghalib and the Community Initiatives Fund (Tamkeen), whose participation had a great impact on this travel being Photography at your fingertips.

    Dr. Nabil Jassim also thanked the Ministry of Culture for facilitating the work of photography, which lasted for more than 3 years, as well as for the creative photographer, Mohammed Hassan Mustafa Jamal Al-Din, noting that "this is a first step in the love of this country and its civilizations, which are the threads that weave the Iraqi national identity." .

    In the same context, the head of the Iraqi Media Network, Dr. Nabil Jassim, confirmed to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "for the first time in the history of Iraq there is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the treasures of the Iraqi Museum. Previously, there was simple documentation more than five decades ago, but when it was accomplished it was done." Preparatory work outside Iraq.

    He added, "The advantage of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Iraq is that the photographic work took more than two years of strenuous effort in addition to the work of printing preparation, and it was printed at the highest level within the Iraqi Media Network presses. It was carried out by purely Iraqi hands."

    The Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhim, said during his speech on the occasion, which was attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "this encyclopedia will serve as an ambassador for Iraq. From photographers and so on, and they do not raise the value of the gift in the countries of the world, and today, with this picture book, we can market and promote our civilization and our conditions in Iraq.”

    He added, "We spoke with Dr. Nabil Jassem about the need to print a large number of copies, as we have a great need in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for such folders to be placed in all embassies and consulates, and we need this folder in our cultural institutions in order to present this work as a valuable gift. I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Nabil Jassim And the staff of the media network on the idea of this project and its implementation.”

    In a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the Minister of Culture confirmed, "Today was the celebration of the issuance of a three-volume illustrated book that was supervised, issued and printed by the Iraqi Media Network, a great effort made in cooperation with various institutions in Iraq, the most important of which is the Ministry of Culture - the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage, which allowed Hundreds of artifacts were photographed professionally and artistically in these three volumes.

    He added, "This encyclopedia is a pride through which we can market our diverse civilizations and carry them to the world and countries in order to see the achievements of Iraqi civilizations."

    The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, blessed the publication of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Iraq, adding in his speech, which was attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), by saying: “No people on earth are richer than the Iraqi people with their civilizational, urban and development heritage. Our civilization was formed in its various phases when other peoples were It is in its early stages.

    He continued, "At that time, the Iraqis and some other peoples, including sister Egypt, were opening the gates of science, inventions, legal codification, and legislation regulating life, and in each of the images that the Iraqi memory preserved for thousands of years, the Iraqi man had a great and leading role in creation, development, invention and codification."

    He stressed that "the Iraqi Media Network's publication of the Iraq Illustrated Encyclopedia under a major title is (Iraq's Civilizations), through which it announces to us the emergence of a great national will to document this pioneering and long journey of our Iraqi people in its various stages."

    The Governor of the Central Bank continued, "I remember well when the idea was presented to us by Dr. Nabil Jassim, which was very well received by the (Tamkeen) community initiative, and its members were excited to see this important achievement."