Defense Minister issues directives to the commanders of operations

  • 11-08-2022, 12:30
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    Defense Minister Juma Inad issued on Thursday, directives to the commanders and leaders of operations in the Iraqi army.

    The Minister of Defense Jumaa Inad Saadoun held, this morning, a meeting attended by the army's deputy chief of staff, the ground forces commander, and the military intelligence director,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Addressing the military forces, he said, "I urge you to stay away from political rivalries and to stay at the same distance from everyone."

    The Defence Minister added, "Our sacred duty is to protect the homeland and the people, whether from terrorism, drug smuggling, or clan conflicts, as well as during demonstrations."

    "I reiterate not to be drawn into sedition and to act wisely and impartially as I entrusted you," Inad concluded.

    At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Defense thanked the participants, wishing them success in performing their work.