Several Iraqi provinces call it a 'day-off' due to critical weather conditions

  • 3-08-2022, 19:30
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    A number of Iraqi provinces announced on Wednesday, tomorrow as a ‘day-off’ as the work hours will be suspended in official departments, due to critical weather conditions.
    The day-off will in exception of the ministerial exams, for the temperature under direct sun will be high.
    In turn, the Meteorological Authority issued a warning to citizens regarding high temperatures.
    "Since last Saturday, the authority warned citizens of high temperatures as the warnings that we publish to state departments and citizens in order to take the necessary measures in taking official holidays or some other procedures,” said the director of the authority media Amer Al-Jabri, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency – INA.
    He pointed out that "the weather conditions always warn the citizen during the period of high temperatures of the danger of being exposed to heat stroke, fatigue, suffocation or other conditions.”
    The daily weather bulletin goes to all state institutions, including the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to the crisis cell, and the daily reports reach them to take the necessary measures, according to the statement.
    He explained that "the rise in the heat wave ends at the end of the week and begins to decline, gradually. This wave started in mid July and it remains until few days of August.”