Two antiquities smuggling networks arrested in possession of antiquities in Babylon, FIIA reports

  • 7-07-2022, 15:11
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     The Intelligence investigation Agency (FIIA) announced on Thursday, the arrest of two antiquities smuggling networks with valuable antiquities in Babil province.

    A statement by the Security Media Cell received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said that “FIIA detachments in the Ministry of Interior were able to arrest two antiquities smuggling networks in Babil province."

    "The arrest process came after the FIIA detachments tracked down smuggling and antiquities trafficking networks, where a tight ambush was set up and one of the networks was lured in Babil province, and all its members, consisting of 7 defendants, were arrested in their possession of 8 valuable antiquities," The statement explained.
    "The detachments carried out another tactical operation, which resulted in the arrest of accused members of a second antiquities smuggling network with 25 antiquities in their possession after using technical methods and tracking them until their arrest in flagrante delicto," it added.