Al- Kadhimi: The qualitative development in Maysan plant will reduce dependence on imported gas

  • 3-07-2022, 10:24
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    Prime Minister Mustafa Al- Kadhimi confirmed Sunday that the qualitative development in the Maysan investment plant will help reduce dependence on imported gas.
    The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al- Kadhimi inaugurated, today, the Maysan investment plant for the production of electric power and with an operating capacity of 750 megawatts."
    Al- Kadhimi stressed in his speech that "this station constitutes a qualitative addition to providing electrical energy in all of our governorates, and that Maysan Governorate will be the first beneficiary."

    He added that "the qualitative development in this station will help reduce dependence on imported gas, as it operates on locally produced gas, and will provide the national grid with more electric power production."

    It is worth noting that the Maysan investment plant for the production of electric power, will add 750 megawatts to the production of the national grid under normal operating conditions, and it uses modern technologies that reduce energy waste and are environmentally friendly; the plant is powered by natural gas from the Halfaya and Bazerkan fields, both in the Maysan governorate, and is located in the Al-Kahla district, south of the city of Al-Amarah in the Maysan governorate.