DICI: Local binoculars to support security services

  • 23-06-2022, 11:03
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    Defense Industries Commission announced Thursday preparing a plan to develop military production, while revealing its military and civil products, it indicated that its civil products serve three sectors.
    The director of the General Company for Copper and Mechanical Industries factory affiliated with the Commission, Muhammad Thabet, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the company's products are divided into two types, which are civil and military," noting that "civil products are mostly produced in Al-Shaheed factories and consist of copper and alloy materials."
    Thabet added that "the beneficiary of civil industries is the ministries of industry, electricity and the private sector."
    He pointed out that "an ambitious plan has been prepared to develop military production to meet the security forces' requirements for drones, pistols, and binoculars produced in Ibn al-Haytham factory and the rest of the other factories."