Drilling 8 new oil wells in Halfaya field

  • 20-06-2022, 10:33
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    Maysan Oil Company announced on Monday, completing the drilling of 8 new oil wells in the Halfaya oil field.
    “Maysan Oil Company has completed the of drilling eight new wells in the Halfaya field in a record time as these drilled wells were completed by the Chinese companies (Dajin, Bohai, and Anton Oil) contracting with the main operator of the field, PetroChina, and under the supervision of the cadres of the drilling department of Halfaya Field Authority in Maysan Oil Company,” said the Director General of Maysan Oil Company, Ali Jassim Hammoud, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Development operations in Halfaya field started in 2010 after the second oil licensing round and the conclusion of Halfaya field development contract, which contributed to raising the ceiling of oil production," Hammoud added.