On the eighth anniversary of the fall of Mosul, Iraqis remember the great epic of victory

  • 9-06-2022, 23:58
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    The moments of the fall of Mosul after the terrorist gangs took control of the city are still present in the conscience of Iraqis, as the day of June 10, 2014 still carries the remnants of pain and a wound that did not heal, as everyone remembers that brutal crime and setback Which will not be repeated in the presence of the sons of the homeland, who are close together, like the ash mountain, to confront everyone who begs himself to attack their land.
    On that day, the malicious fantasies of those gangs were driven away, thinking that everything was over and that they had managed to undermine the land of civilizations and prophets, and that they were able to establish a state of illusion and myth, especially after that gang managed to enter a number of provinces and cities.
    Despite the methods of death, brutality and futility adopted by the terrorist elements and their attempt to obliterate the country’s civilization and tear its national cohesion, they clashed with the solidarity of the Iraqis and the depth of the spirit of the homeland in their conscience, which overflows with giving and reveals the metal of its men, women, youth and their free spirit, which provided precious souls to recover the land they controlled terrorism.
    Despite the severity of the setback in which terrorism took control of several cities, and the international reports that predicted the survival of these gangs for decades, the Iraqis proved that they are the sons of a civilization accustomed to keeping pace with invaders and intimidating them, and they proved that this land will not allow them to stay, no matter the cost. sacrifices.
    Today, on the eighth anniversary of the entry of ISIS gangs into Mosul, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) recalls those difficult days, which the Iraqis turned from a setback to a beginning to unite their efforts and unite their ranks to protect their homeland and repel harm from it.
    In this regard, the spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Joint Operations Command, since the first day of the presence of these terrorist gangs, has been working to chase, pursue and combat the deviant ideology carried by this organization," noting that "" The Joint Operations Command, after the security forces managed to defeat the terrorist Daesh and through the great work they are doing, is still working, planning and chasing these terrorist organizations, which still have roots in some places.

    He added, "What the Joint Operations Command and the security forces have done has greatly contributed to curbing this deviant terrorist ideology, as well as drying up its resources and sources, as well as chasing and prosecuting all its leaders and destroying all its capabilities .
    And he indicated that "the Joint Operations Command was able to end the power of an organization that once controlled 47% of the area of Iraq, and today the organization no longer has a presence or presence except in very few areas, namely the Hamrin Mountains and the Rutba desert, and in some valleys and plains, and the terrorists are chased and pursued by the security forces, which You are doing a great job in this field and have been able to end the myth of ISIS terrorist."
    Al-Khafaji added, "The security forces pledge to the Iraqi people and all the honorable people in the world that they are going to end this organization from Iraq very soon, at the insistence of the security forces."
    In turn, the spokesman for the Counter-Terrorism Service, Sabah Al-Numan, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "despite the difficulty of accepting the event and the bitterness of the situation that occurred through the occupation of part of Iraq by ISIS terrorist gangs and the collapse of some of the army units, this increased the The fight against terrorism was determined to prevent the continuation of this organization from advancing and expanding through the Mosul Regiment, which fought and defended the area valiantly despite the large number of suicide bombers sent by the organization, as well as the rockets and mortars that were thrown at the regiment, but its fighters remained steadfast and prevented the enemy’s advance to occupy other areas.
    And he indicated that "the Counter-Terrorism Service in that period stopped the enemy's ambitions to occupy the Baiji refinery and prevented it from controlling this strategic facility, and this was a challenge for the heroes of the Anti-Terrorism Service, after a small force withstood for more than 9 months in this refinery surrounded by ISIS terrorist gangs from all sides." They did not surrender an inch or lose an inch of the liquidator, and there was a determination to prevent the organization from entering."