Iraq: In figures, the need for Iranian gas and linking updates with neighboring countries

  • 11-05-2022, 21:46
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    Iraqi Minister of Electricity Adel Karim announced on Wednesday, the agreement with the Iranian side to provide Iraq with 50 million cubic meters per day of gas, as pointed out that the Qatari's will arrive via ships.

    "It was agreed with Iran to supply Iraq with fifty million cubic meters of gas per day," said Karim in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News TV, followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He noted that "Iraq needs Iranian gas for 5-10 years and it depends on finding alternatives to reduce the required number of years."

    "Iran needs gas during the summer more than winter so it can provide the quantities required by Iraq during this season," he noted. 

    He added that "Iran now provides between 35-38 million cubic meters per day of gas, as Iraq owes Iran amounting to $1.692 billion for gas dues."

    Karim explained that "the adoption of the law of support emergency will enable us to pay gas debts as of the beginning of next June according to what we have agreed with Iran."

    He expressed his hope of reach a point to produce 25 thousand megawatts per day with the arrival of gas flows from Iran amounts agreed upon.

    "Local gas enable us to generate 3,500 megawatts per day, which is not enough," he pointed out.

    Regarding the Turkish linkage, Karim said that the "linkage with Turkey will be ready within a week as I believe it will reach 300 MW."

    As of the Gulf linkage, he noted that "there are negotiations with the Gulf Interconnection Authority next week so the link with Saudi Arabia will be in two phases of 500 and 1500 MW."

    He went on saying, "We have agreed with Qatar to provide us with quantities of gas in the winter," adding "the Qatari gas will reach us via ships and could begin within months."

    "The hours of processing this summer will be better compared to its predecessor, Iraq currently produces more than 21 thousand megawatts per day and depend on 7-8 thousand of them Iranian gas," he included.