An Iraqi musical project in Belgium presenting 18 singers and musicians

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  • 11-05-2022, 13:52
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    The Iraqi music composer Qoutayba Neiami presented the second world performance of the project of the confluence of two rivers in Belgium at the recently opened world theater in Namur, pointing out that the project includes 18 singers and musicians and he confirmed that it was presented in six languages, including Arabic. 

    Neaimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "It gives me great joy to present the project for the confluence of two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) as part of the external program of the Abu Dhabi Festival, noting that "the project was prepared in cooperation with the French-Portuguese writer Judith Adler de Oliveira, who wrote who wrote the libretto (text) and a composition (the overture)."
    He added that "The project includes 18 international singers and musicians, led by David Navarro Torres, as it combines operatic singing and Arabic voice, and mixes between Western and Arabic musical instruments in a unique style," noting that "the project was made in six ancient and modern languages, including Arabic, Latin, and French, as it is presented in operatic voices.
    He indicated that "The work was prepared in order to send a message in favor of "cultural tolerance and peaceful coexistence, especially between religions", and to shed light on the civilization of Iraq, as it aims to focus on the common roots of civilizations, and enhances the value of hospitality embodied by the figure of Abraham," noting that "the project was a musical journey from mourning to reconciliation, a vibrant musical tribute to the foundational civilizations of the Middle Eastern and Western worlds at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates.
    He stressed that "This project is the result of a musical, literary and human encounter that blends cultural borders until they become indistinguishable."

    Composer Qoutayba Neaimi recently surprised the world of music by launching the polyphonic Maqam System that originated from Abu Dhabi Festival, It is a system that allows harmonizing the Arabic musical scales that carry with it the partial steps, and this will facilitate the dialogue between the different cultural heritages.

    Neaimi  recently performed for an orchestra and soprano at the Cairo Opera House, with the Cairo National Symphony Orchestra and the international Belgian soprano Julie Guihart, from the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Chapel.

    Among his latest projects is a collaboration with the world-known oud soloist Naseer Shamma, aiming to “expand the oud and symphonic orchestra repertoire globally, and noted that "the world premiere of this musical program will be held with the Bulgarian National Orchestra.

    Neaimi  indicated that he will present a concert with the Iraqi National Philharmonic Orchestra at the end of May 2022.