MOI Undersecretary issues immediate directive for humanitarian appeals

  • 27-03-2022, 12:37
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    The interior ministry's undersecretary for federal intelligence and investigations, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Taha Aburghief, issued an immediate directive to humanitarian appeals on Sunday.
    "The undersecretary of the Interior Ministry for Federal Intelligence and Investigations, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Aburghief, is following up on requests and appeals made on the agency's Facebook page as well as on the Twitter account," the ministry said in a statement received by the official Iraqi News Agency.
    "We need to provide the best services to citizens, ease the burden on them and listen to their demands and needs," he said, stressing that "any special appeal to humanity should be answered immediately and quickly."
    "The intelligence agency strives to communicate permanently with citizens and affiliates," he said, adding that "The official pages of the ministry receive appeals and requests on a daily and 24-hour basis”.