MOWR: A date to implement the researches of the Iraqi-Turkish Center

  • 12-01-2022, 23:12
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    Ministry of Water Resources - MOWR revealed on Wednesday, the date for starting the implementation of researches for the project to rehabilitate the building of the Iraqi-Turkish Research Center from government contracts and the tasks of the center, while indicating its efforts to reach a common formula with Ankara on water imports and the formation of a delegation to see the levels of storage in  Turkish dams. 

    "The Cabinet approved the request of the Ministry of Water Resources regarding the exception of the project for the rehabilitation of the building of the Iraqi-Turkish Joint Research Center for Water from the instructions for implementing government contracts and the general budget," said the advisor of the Ministry of Water Resources Aoun Diab in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He noted that, "the decision aims to complete the building of the center and the required equipment, as well as some laboratories and a rest house for the purpose of receiving incoming Turkish experts,” 

    "The joint center has experts from the Iraqi and Turkish sides, and the reason for its exclusion from government contracts is for the purpose of implementing the required work at a rapid pace, especially since it requires speedy implementation in order to reach advanced levels,” he explained. 

    He pointed out that "the center takes upon itself to conduct research in various fields in order to identify the problems facing the water sector in Iraq, whether in terms of available storage or the way it is equipped with dams and reservoirs and the method of shipping, in addition to the field of securing land reclamation and establishing irrigation projects using modern means that depends on the developed opinion,” 

    "The project needs financial allocations and procedures related to the start of its implementation," he added, expecting that "during the current year, there will be a greater movement in this aspect in order to reach advanced levels in the infrastructure of the center, and then start carrying out research in this regard,” 

    He explained, "The formation of a delegation to carry out negotiations with Turkey in this aspect, as well as a security delegation to see the levels of storage in the Turkish dams that affect water imports in Iraq, including the Iliso Dam on  Tigris River and Ataturk Dam on the Euphrates River,” 

    "These two dams are very important and have a significant impact on Iraq's water imports. The delegation's plan aims to review the operating plans in force in the Turkish dams and discuss it about the operating plan to reach a formula agreed upon by the two parties,” he included.