Mustansiriya School..a Baghdadi stronghold of science and knowledge 

Culture and art
  • 27-11-2021, 16:22
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    Baghdad - INA

    Photos by - Safa Alwan 

    Whoever enters the depth of Baghdad, specifically to the old dormant areas on the bank of the Tigris from the side of Al-Shorja and Al-Rasafi Square, sees many signs that are still present between the narrow alleys, and at the end of Al-Nahr Street, Al-Mustansiriya School still represents part of the identity of the area Due to its privacy and its geographical location close to Al-Mutanabbi Street and Al-Saray Market on one side, and Al-Nahr Street and Al-Shorja Market on the other. 
    The Iraqi News Agency (INA) wandered around this landmark as if it were wandering into great fantasies and faces that were once drawing knowledge from a certain one, from which only walls remained that simulate the story of a civilization that made scientific, cognitive and cultural glories, and supplied the world with thousands of literature and books.