Discovering a mud mosque dating back to 60 AH

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  • 24-11-2021, 21:40
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    The Department of Investigation and Excavation in Dhi Qar announced on Wednesday, that a British mission discovered a mud mosque in Al-Rifai district dating back to the year 60 AH.
    "Mosques are among the pioneering buildings in the early Islamic period, and we are here at the archaeological site of Tel Kubaiba, which is located in Dhi Qar Governorate, Al-Rifa'i District, north of the city of Nasiriyah,” said the director of the department, Ali Shalgham, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He explained, “We had a share in finding and discovering one of these mosques, which dates back to approximately the sixtieth year of AH. The British Museum excavation mission and a local Iraqi team discovered the mosque,”
    "This discovery is important and significant because the mosque was built of mud, and is located in the middle of a well-defined residential city in the middle of the mosque. It has dimensions of 8 meters in width and 5 meters in length. At the heart of the mosque is a small shrine for the imam, which can accommodate approximately 20 people," Shalgham added.

    He noted, "The mosque was discovered near the surface of the site, so we found only a few remnants of the building due to erosion factors from wind and rain," noting that "it is considered one of the important discoveries because it dates back to the beginnings of the emergence of Islam,"
    "Previous and current excavation missions have found little information in revealing the early Islamic periods," he pointed out.