Capturing 7 drug and weapons traffickers in Basra, SMC reports

  • 24-11-2021, 11:44
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    The Agency of Intelligence and Federal Investigation (AIFI) enabled on Wednesday, to capture 7 suspects of drug trafficking, and confiscated their weapons and the explosive materials that were in their possession in Basra.
    The Security Media Cell (SMC), received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "Through continuous follow-up and after receiving intelligence information about the whereabouts of group of drug dealers, and after obtaining judicial approvals, a specialized working team was formed from the AIFI at the Ministry of Interior".
    The statement added, "the 6 accused were arrested red-handed from a residential house in one of the Basra province areas, in possession of 425 grams of the narcotic crystal, 1,000 narcotic pills, tools used for drug abuse, and a AK-47 riffle".
    The statement also pointed out, "By another proactive operation, AIFI’s detachments were able to arrest a trafficker in narcotics and unlicensed weapons after raiding his residence in the same province."
    And he continued, "The accused was arrested in possession of a white narcotic substance (crystal) estimated at 99 grams, two AK-47 riffle, (3) pistols, two grenades, narcotic pills 
    SMC stressed that "the narcotics materials were seized, and the arrestees were referred to the competent authorities."