The General Secretariat confirms imminent signing of a contract to establish 1,000 schools under the agreement with China

  • 21-11-2021, 22:55
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    The General Secretariat of Council Ministers confirmed today, Sunday, the completion of the necessary procedures to sign a contract  toestablish 1000 model schools in Iraq through two  companies within the Iraqi-Chinese framework agreement.  While indicated that would  solve 4 problems related to the educational development, and commented on the reasons for the delay in Project No. 1 implemented by the Ministry of Education.   

    A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majid, told Al-Iraqiya News, and the Iraqi News Agency (INA) followed it, that "Project No. 1 of the Ministry of Education has been a lagging project for years and has 11 legal problems, and there was direction from the Prime Minister after the formation of the executive administration in the General Secretariat to build Private schools like Chinese schools stipulated that this file should be legally settled and difficulties should be overcome. 

    He added, "The General Secretariat has solved 10 of these problems, 77 schools have been received, and 33 others are under construction, and 

    it is hoped that they will be delivered within two months." 

     he also added, "With regard to the national project to build schools for the Iraqi-Chinese framework agreement, in the first phase, coordination with the governorates was carried out to prepare lands for building 1,000 schools as a first phase this year out of 7,000 schools, and the allocations for building these schools were included in the current year 2021 budget." 

    And he indicated that "this project will end the problem of double and triple schools, as well as mud and ramshackle schools, and they will be distributed according to population ratios in the governorates, need and priority."


    He explained, "The thousand plots of land have been received, and now we are just waiting to sign the contract with two Chinese companies, and legal procedures are being prepared for its signing in the coming days." 

    He pointed out that "there are conditions that were included in the contract, and the thousand schools will start a thousand projects at the same time, under supervision of an Iraqi engineer for each school." 

    He stressed that "work under the contract will be on the basis of establishing model schools according to modern designs implemented for the first time in Iraq.