National Security topples ISIS military adviser for so-called Nineveh province

  • 10-11-2021, 10:35
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    The National Security Service announced on Wednesday the overthrow of the military adviser of the so-called Nineveh terrorist state.
    "With an intelligence effort based on accurate information, the National Security Service detachments were able to overthrow the military adviser of the so-called Nineveh state after entering the country from a neighboring country," said a national security statement received by the Iraqi News Agency( INA).
    "His statements were legally recorded and he acknowledged his leadership of terrorists by drawing up plans to confront the military forces during the liberation operations, and he was included in several administrative and financial positions in isis gangs, the most important of which was the emir of one of the so-called al-Jazeera province areas, as well as the state's finance officer," the statement said.
    "He has been referred to the legal authorities to take the necessary measures against him," the statement said.