Ministerial Council pledges to prosecute those involved in al-Kadhimi assassination attempt

  • 7-11-2021, 12:47
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    The Ministerial Council for National Security said on Sunday the assassination attempt on Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi is a serious target for the Iraqi state, while vowing to pursue those involved in the assassination attempt on Al-Kadhimi.


    "The cowardly terrorist attack on the home of the prime minister and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces with the aim of assassinating him is a serious targeting of the Iraqi state," the council said in a statement received by the Iraqi news agency INA.


    "The targeting was carried out by criminal armed groups that misunderstood the high restraint and professionalism of our security and military forces as weakness , and went beyond the state and its symbols, and prompted the explicit threat to the commander-in-chief and our forces," it said.


    "The security forces have committed themselves to protecting Iraq's security and sovereignty in the face of anyone who challenge the state," the statement said.

    "The security services will work with firmness to identify and arrest and bring to a fair trial those involved in this terrorist act," he said.