Joint Ops.: Ending the military presence, limiting it to consulting and training

  • 6-11-2021, 20:30
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    Joint Operations Command reaffirmed ending the presence of the military combat forces of the international coalition at the end of this year, while revealing the ongoing work in four areas with the international coalition after the end of its presence in Iraq.

    “The presence of foreign combat forces will end at the end of this year, of which only a few remain. Iraq has taken great steps in ending the presence of the military combat forces of the international coalition, which will end at the end of December 31 of this year,” he added.

    He explained, "The presence of the international coalition in Iraq is for the purpose of consulting, training, and intelligence and security information that contributes to the pursuit of terrorist gangs,”

    “The security forces are doing their best in following up and prosecuting organized crime gangs," he explained, stressing that "there is great work being done by the Ministry of Interior and Intelligence, the National Security Agency, military and security intelligence, to follow up and prosecute Daesh terrorist gangs,” he noted.

    Al-Khafaji continued, "The citizen's cooperation in this field is very important, by providing the security authorities with the presence of Daesh terrorist gangs, which contribute and help in eliminating organized crime,”

    He pointed out that "there is great work to set up surveillance cameras in all regions, to follow up on wanted persons and arrest them, in addition to activating the security intelligence effort and intensifying sources, as this is what all security services are working on,”