Abu Al-Khasib, a southern oasis awaiting economic and tourism investment 

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  • 6-11-2021, 15:02
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    Basra - Saba Sami  

    The district of Abu Al-Khasib in Basra Governorate is one of the important districts in Iraq, as it has contributed, for years, to the prosperity and growth of the economic, tourism and even commercial side. 

    This district was known for its extensive orchards and agricultural lands that are crossed by branching rivers that surrounded the district to give it an aesthetic tinge to be an outlet for citizens and tourists alike. different from dates.  
    The Iraqi News Agency (INA) toured the villages of Abu al-Khasib to see the reality of the judiciary and the beginning with the assistant governor of Basra for district and sub-district affairs, Arab Al-Jazaery, who told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that: "The governorate has future plans and projects for the advancement of districts and districts in Basra in terms of supporting The visual farmer and the elimination of the problem of the salt tide and the salt tongue, which affected the growth of agricultural crops in the orchards, and thus we develop the agricultural sector in the district by rotating palm cultivation, which is famous for the Abu Al-Khasib district.  

    He pointed out that "these projects need financial support to support the farmer and develop agriculture in the district," noting that "the great demand for citizens to live in the district and their possession of vast areas contributed to the slowdown and decline of agriculture of all kinds, especially since they made it their headquarters and stable, so we made plans in terms of Irrigation channels to eliminate the salt tide in order to revive and re-irrigate orchards and agricultural lands.

    For his part, the official of the dates factory in the district of Abu Al-Khasib Abdul-Ridha Al-Mousawi said, "The orchards and lands of Abu Al-Khasib are famous for palm cultivation, which remained tall despite the conditions of drought, heat, and bulldozing and the damage of most of the orchards due to the salt tongue for several years without treatment. A variety of dates, the most important of which are (Al-Halawi, Al-Barhi, Al-Buraim, Al-Zahdi, Al-Khadrawi and Al-Sayer), and there are special markets for their sale, and some of them are wrapped and packaged by special devices for imported packaging. 

    Therefore, the district of Abi Al-Khasib was known for its production of the best types of dates and its export to them, whether to the Iraqi governorates or to countries Neighborhood and other countries, as the most important feature of this district is the production and export of dates in a large way, leaving a positive and continuous revenue for Basra Governorate. 

    "the people of Abu al-Khasib are distinguished by kindness, generosity and humility, and this district is famous for the presence of a very large number of shops and markets specialized in selling dates, molasses, the sweetness of Abu al-Khasib and the famous sweetness (sweetness of the Khuz river), which is preferred by tourists and guests as the best gift from Basra as a result of its taste and benefit. 
    The people of the district specialize in its manufacture,” explaining that “the district is also famous for selling river fish, as fish are sold in very large quantities, while other agricultural lands witness a large presence of buffalo and sheep, which are in themselves livestock wealth in the district.” It made it a wide door for livelihood for many families.” He called on “the responsible for the districts and sub-districts to preserve the economic wealth of this district, especially after the drought of most of its orchards due to the salt tide that most agricultural lands suffer from.”