MOC: Babylon Festival is a message to the world

Culture and art
  • 30-10-2021, 17:34
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    Baghdad - INA - Ahmed Janjun

    Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhim, confirmed today, Saturday, that the mass attendance at the Babel International Festival represented a message to the world that Iraqis support culture and arts.

    Nadhim said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Babylon Festival, in its fifteenth edition, is a comprehensive cultural festival that is not like the rest of the festivals," noting that "during his visit to the ancient city of Babylon, there were literary, monetary and artistic activities that included plastic and theatrical arts, and industrial and agricultural exhibitions for Iraqi products." which we are proud of.”
    He pointed out that "the Babylon Festival not only brought back its memories for the Iraqis, but also brought back the memory of all the participating countries in its previous editions," stressing that "the massive flock of citizens to attend the festival's activities is clear evidence of the Iraqi citizen's desire to support culture and arts, which is a message to the whole world."

    Earlier, Iraqi and Arab artists expressed their happiness for their participation in the Babel International Festival, which is being held again after a long hiatus.

    The artist, Hatem Al-Iraqi, said in an exclusive statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that he is "happy to be in his country, Iraq, and that he will present during the festival a beautiful artistic show worthy of the audience and authentic Iraqi art," stressing that "the Babylon International Festival is an important cultural and civilizational festival, and that its launch The art started from this festival.
    Al-Iraqi indicated his constant readiness to attend and participate in all festivals and cultural and artistic events that are held in Iraq.”.

    For her part, the Lebanese journalist Jumana Al-Hajj pointed to “Iraq’s evaluation and appreciation for cultural, scientific and artistic competencies,” stressing that this encouraged her to come to Iraq and meet the invitation to participate in Babylon International Festival.

    Al-Hajj also stressed the importance of "the continuity of this great artistic festival, which is the first in the Arab world and the world," noting that "the Iraqi people love life and art, and that Iraq has a long history of civilization and culture of creativity, and that bombing and terrorism are foreign to Iraq and have nothing to do with the Iraqi people." .

    In turn, the director of the Egyptian Al-Ahram Troupe for Folklore, Muhammadi Fathi, expressed his happiness to participate in the Babylon International Festival, and the return of this festival after a long pause, "pointing to his previous participation in the festival theater with the National Ensemble, and that he is currently participating with the Egyptian Al-Ahram Ensemble."
    He added, "Al-Ahram Band will present within the activities of the festival the Egyptian heritage, including the skirt and the municipal flute."
    On the other hand, the Iraqi artist, Iman Hassan, pointed to the importance of the return of the Babylon International Festival, which includes the participation of artistic and creative elites from different countries of the world in this festival, including Egypt, indicating that she "will participate in playing the "ferrite" instrument, which is one of the Western instruments, which It forms part of the orchestra."