Culture announces completion a number of projects for rehabilitation archaeological Ur

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  • 19-10-2021, 23:01
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      Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities announced the completion a number of rehabilitation and development projects for the archaeological city of Ur, by its cadres. 

    The ministry stated in a statement, that "the efforts of the cadres of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the expertise and competencies of the employees of the Public Authority for Antiquities and Heritage, have combined to rehabilitate and maintain antiquities and provide the needs of visitors and tourists in the archaeological of Ur city."  

     In addition, "This was demonstrated by a number of works carried out by the authority's workers, including fencing the site of the dakdaka, rehabilitating electric cars, providing a horse drawn  wagon called (Rabel), providing two bicycles for 6 passengers, and making wooden corridors that lead to most of the archaeological monuments, and many tourist facilities."