MOC: A date to receive Gilgamesh Tablet from Washington

Culture and art
  • 8-09-2021, 18:03
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    Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhim, announced upon setting the date for receiving Gilgamesh Tablet from Washington.
    "The most cooperating country in recovering Iraqi antiquities is the United States of America, which contributed to recovering 17,000 antiquities as there is another group of antiquities that will be recovered at the end of September,” said Nadhim in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Nadhim added, "The most important of these pieces is Gilgamesh Tablet. The US State Department has completed the legal procedures to receive it, and we will receive it at the end of this month or next month,"
    He pointed out that the ministry is working to recover the artifacts found in Europe, but there are difficulties with some countries whose laws allow keeping our antiquities.
    "The ministry bases its work on the United Nations resolution, which stipulates the prevention of smuggling and non-trafficking of Iraqi antiquities, as well as Iraq's friendship with countries and its agreements with them," added Nadhim.