Baghdad's streets are decorated with creative people in honor of beauty and the renunciation of violence

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  • 2-09-2021, 23:30
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    Baghdad - INA

     The streets of Baghdad were decorated with an initiative that embodied the philosophy of rejecting violence and honoring beauty, implemented by the Baghdad Municipality.

    Iraqi artists painted pictures of creators and personalities who influenced human consciousness, led by Mother Teresa, the Iraqi painters Balsam Muhammad and Mahoud Ahmed, and the Yezidi activist Nadia Murad.

    - Mother Teresa is an Indian-Albanian nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

    The artist, Balsam Muhammad, a prominent Iraqi artist and academic at the College of Fine Arts, was born in Najaf in 1954 and died this year. He won several awards during his artistic career, including: The first prize for the poster From UNESCO in New York, the first prize for the poster from the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association in Baghdad, the Golden Prize for Print Design in Baghdad, the Best Press Director Award and the Appreciation Award from the Iraqi Women’s Union.

    The artist, Mahoud Ahmed, an Iraqi artist, born in 1940 and died this year, was honored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the Day of the Pen, and he received the first certificate of appreciation at the Baghdad International Festival in 2002, the University of Baghdad honored him as the best professor in 2000, and he was honored as the oldest Professor at the University of Baghdad in 2005, and received many certificates of appreciation in Tunisia, France and Russia.

    As for Nadia Murad, she is an Iraqi Yazidi activist from the village of Kocho in Sinjar district. She was chosen in 2016 as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, and she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 5, 2018.

    The Baghdad Municipality confirmed that it had implemented other initiatives that included artworks by plastic artists.