Immigration Minister from Washington: We reject forcing asylum seekers return

  • 23-06-2021, 17:34
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    INA – Baghdad
    Minister of Migration and Displaced Evan Faeq Jabro renewed her rejection of the forced return of asylum seekers, while stressing the need to improve the mechanisms for dealing with the file of Iraqis in the asylum giver countries.
    During her official visit to US at the head of a government delegation that included Minister of Planning Khaled Battal, Jabro met officials in the US administration concerned with immigration and displacement, including the Deputy Minister of National Security of International Affairs, Deputy Minister of National Security for Border and Immigration Policies, Vice President of International Affairs and Refugees, Head of the Asylum Unit in America, an official in the Immigration and Customs Authority, and an official of the Transportation Unit for Refugees, in the presence of the Iraqi ambassador to Washington in addition to a number of Iraqi government figures, where they discussed a number of issues that concern the categories of Iraqi refugees and IDPs.
    This came according to statement by the Ministry of Migration and Displaced received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Jabro touched on the issue of the forcible return of Iraqi refugees, whose asylum applications were rejected in US and did not obtain the citizenship, indicating that "Iraqi ministry and government in general stand against forcing refugees to return, whatever the circumstances, especially since the Iraqi has suffered and endured a lot in order to obtain asylum,"

    At the same time, Jabro stressed the "necessity of upgrading the mechanisms for dealing with the file of Iraqis present in those countries and the treatments provided for this purpose in a manner that preserves the dignity of Iraqis and enhances their status there,"