Exploded oxygen cylinders and two explosive devices were found in Nineveh

  • 4-05-2021, 15:36
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    Baghdad - INA 

    The Security Media Cell announced that two booby-trapped oxygen cylinders and two explosive devices had been found in Nineveh .

    A cell statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that "based on accurate intelligence information, a force from the Nineveh Operations Command carried out the duty to search and cleanse the area south of the city of Mosul."

    He added, "The force found a quantity of explosive oxygen cylinders, which were detonated locally from the treatment detachments."

    In a related context, the statement indicated that "a force from the Twentieth Division within the Western Nineveh Operations Command was able to carry out the duty of inspection and clearance within the area of responsibility, and found two 180 mm mortar rounds and two locally made explosive devices, which were detonated by the treatment detachments."