Oil Minister: A daily investment of more than 1500 MSCFD of natural gas

  • 30-04-2021, 17:03
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    Baghdad - INA

    Minister of Oil, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, announced today, Friday, the investment of more than 1500 MSCFD  (million standard cubic feet per day) of natural gas, reaching an investment capacity (4000) pumped per day before the year 2025.

    The Minister of Oil said, in a statement It was received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "the ministry is working on implementing three promising gas investment projects in the governorates of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar."
    He pointed to "the ministry’s success in referring the Al-Mansuriyah gas contract in Diyala province to one of the international Chinese companies to invest free gas, with an amount of up to (300) Moqmq per day." 

    Ismail confirmed, "Iraq will continue to invest solar energy in supplying electric power stations by implementing contracts with international companies to generate (10,000) thousand megawatts before 2025, explaining that" a contract for generating a capacity of (750) megawatts has been transferred to the national system, and the solar energy production process is prepared. It is the least expensive compared to other energies. ”

    The Minister of Oil revealed that the electric power generation system consumes 250 thousand barrels of black and crude oil per day, and exceptional efforts are being made to accelerate the conversion of these stations to the use of domestic or imported gas fuel, with the aim of increasing production efficiency Increasing the generating capacity of electric power stations, reducing environmental impacts, as well as investing in exporting crude and black oil instead of burning it in generating electric power, in order to achieve financial returns that support the budget and enhance the national economy.

    Regarding the visit of the Syrian delegation to Iraq, the statement quoted the Minister of Oil as saying that the possibility of benefiting from the surplus Egyptian gas production was discussed to support the electric power production system during the current stage across the Syrian territories, with the aim of achieving flexibility in providing gas fuel from many sources to cover part of the need of power generation stations Electricity and until self-sufficiency in 2025.