Hawija Asphalt Plant is a vital project awaiting operation

  • 9-04-2021, 15:37
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    The Hawija governmental asphalt plant is one of the vital and important plants in Iraq, which is characterized by high technical specifications, and a production capacity of up to 720 tons per day.
    The director of Al-Hawijah municipality, Eng. Ahmed Shehab, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The province’s need is great to restart the asphalt plant, which was rehabilitated two years ago within the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Iraqi government and Norway,” pointing out that there are obstacles placed by a distribution company Petroleum products, the Kirkuk branch, and its failure to supply the plant with gas and black oil, in addition to the failure to release the budget for Hawija district since its liberation from the filth of terrorism (ISIS).
    He added that "everyone knows the extent to which Kirkuk governorate needs to operate the plant at the present time to rehabilitate the streets that were destroyed after the military operations against terrorism," noting that "operating the plant will spare the governorate from buying asphalt from private factories and providing those sums for other, more important projects."

     The sums paid to the civil factories are very exorbitant, in addition to providing job opportunities for unemployed youth in the judiciary. It is possible to benefit from the factory to sell asphalt to companies operating in Iraq, and its benefits return to the state treasury.