The Pope calls on Christians to return to Mosul

  • 7-03-2021, 11:51
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    Baghdad - INA
    His Holiness, Pope Francis, invited the Christian component to return to Mosul.
    The Pope said in his speech at the Hawsh Al-Baya the (yard of allegiance) Church in the city of Mosul: "We found great cooperation when visiting Iraq," indicating that "the decrease in the number of Christians in the Middle East is a serious harm, calling on Christians to return to Mosul."
    He added, "We raise our prayers as mercy for the victims of terrorism, stressing that" Mosul has two symbols of approaching God, the Mosque of al-Nuri and the Minaret of al-Hadbaa, and that moving away from divine values has led to the spread of evil.
    And we welcome the Pope to the Great Immaculate Church to pray for the martyrs. "
    His Holiness Pope Francis arrived, today, Sunday, at Hawsh Al-Baya the (yard of allegiance) Church in Mosul.
    The people of Old Mosul, from all components, received him with great hospitality in Hawsh Al-Baya (yard of allegiance), and the children of the city waved Iraqi flags and roses.
    It is noteworthy that His Holiness, Pope Francis, arrived in the city of Mosul for the third day after his visit to Erbil.