Nadhim: The purchase and construction loans will be interest-free

  • 19-01-2021, 15:28
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    Baghdad - INA

    Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nadhim confirmed today, Tuesday, that the loans for the purchase and construction of housing units will be without interest.

    Nadhim said at the weekly press conference, which was attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "extending the election date is a sensitive and fundamental issue for the government," noting that "the election commission will announce a schedule of operations on the 29th of this month."

    He added, "The Cabinet approved the continuation of the placement of employees working in the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorism," noting that "the continuation of the placement came until the completion of the procedures for the owners of the fund."

    He pointed out that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al- Nadhim asked the Mayor of Baghdad to draw up complete plans to clad the streets and neighborhoods of the capital," explaining that "the cabinet hosted the mayor of the capital to discuss the Baghdad Renaissance campaign project."