Great Gilgamesh in Baghdad

  • 14-01-2021, 14:33
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    Baghdad – INA

    Baghdad Mall cinema hall witnessed yesterday, Wednesday evening, the screening of the cartoon film “The Great Gilgamesh “directed by Anas Al-Mousawi.

    Critic Mahdi Abbas told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Iraqi Film Company celebrates the production of this film by Anas Al-Mousawi," noting that "Iraq lacks directors who accomplish such (animated) works with the exception of Anas Al-Mousawi and Mahdi Abdul-Kadhim from the holy Karbala. Muhannad al-Katib is from Mosul. "

    The director of the film, Anas Al-Musawi, stated that "the completion of this film, which took twenty minutes, took eight months," indicating that "the film talks about the meeting of Gilgamesh as a king who is confined to the entourage, so people photographed it with a length of six meters, but Enkidu called him human characteristics, and described Ishtar as the same." Claws, wings, and a half of her face are two eyes ... and these are sophisticated people, who see wisdom in her eyes and strength in her wings.