Nadhim: The biometric card is one of the official documents

  • 12-01-2021, 15:43
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    Baghdad - INA

    Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nadhim confirmed today, Tuesday, that the government has approved the biometric card as one of the official documents.

    Nadhim said during the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers and attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the rates of recovery from the Corona virus are increasing, and the situation of Iraq is good compared to the numbers of infections in the new strain of Corona," noting that "the government calls on citizens to adopt information from Ministry of Health regarding the Coronavirus.”

    He added, "The Cabinet decided to exempt citizens from paying fees on postal parcels, while it voted to support the industrial sector, both public and private," noting that "priority has been given to the industrial sector in competition and equipping state institutions with its products."

    He pointed out that "the cabinet considered the long-term biometric voter card as one of the official documents approved in state departments," explaining that "the cabinet decided to grant employees a period of 60 days to update their biometric data."

    He added that "employees must speed up updating their biometric data," noting that "the government is determined to combat the trend of declining participation in the elections."

    He pointed out that "the State Department is following up on the decisions issued by the US Treasury, as well as that it does not tend to escalate," noting that "the 2021 budget is based on the reform paper."

    Regarding the American elections, Nadhim commented that "with the advent of the new government during this particular period and the issue was settled in the American elections, and that the Americans are involved in the situation in Iraq and have their experts." The Iraqi government and the conditions of Iraq historically and economically elevate it to the level of an expert and known in our country, and I do not think that there are any objections or some kind that hinders the process of understanding and the progress of Iraqi diplomacy in dealing with him.