Al-Kaabi: The next stage does not bear the presence of corrupt individuals in the state

  • 7-01-2021, 14:33
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    Baghdad - INA

    A statement issued by the media of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that "Al-Kaabi received the Emir of the Zabid tribes, Sheikh Saad Muhammad Al-Mazhar Al-Samarmid and his accompanying delegation," noting that "Al-Kaabi emphasized the importance of the role of tribes and clans in Iraq towards strengthening ties." Community, close ranks, and sincere work for our country as one family to face the crises that our country is now facing and related to political, security, economic, service and other problems.

    He added, "Al-Kaabi explained to the delegation that part of the solutions lies with the citizen himself, since the government and administrative system is focused on serving him first and foremost," explaining that "the war on the spoilers in the joints of the state begins with the citizen and protecting public property from his responsibility as well and encouraging investment and supporting it also starts from The citizen here emerges the role of the tribe and the clan as an educational body, and without cooperation and collaboration, no government can face any crisis on its own. "