PDC: Cybercrime Law will be enacted in the upcoming parliamentary sessions

  • 2-01-2021, 12:32
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    Baghdad - INA 


     Amember of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Adnan Al-Asadi, revealed today, Saturday that the upcoming sessions of the House of Representatives will witness the legislation of the Cybercrime Law after the last reading has been read.

     Al-Asadi explained in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "We need the Cybercrime Law to control open media and media movement, without prejudice to the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the constitution."

     He added that "social media sites, open media and the media movement need to be controlled according to laws and standards, including the first criterion, the Constitution," noting that "this is without prejudice to freedom and human rights, and that it also does not affect the freedom of society, the political system and the security situation."