Al-Hindawi: There is no reason to postpone the election date

  • 31-12-2020, 13:39
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    Baghdad - INA

     The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Abdul-Hussein Al-Hindawi, announced today, Thursday, that there are 750 special mobile teams in the commission that will implement a campaign early next month to update voter data, indicating that a memorandum has been held with the Ministry of Interior to protect these teams during its work, explaining that the commission is preparing a plan to give all voters a card Long-term biometrics, stressing that all the requirements for early elections are available, and there is no justification for postponing their date, while noting that there are parliamentary promises to pass the Federal Court law within the next few weeks.

    Al-Hindawi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The short-term cards previously issued by the commission have been canceled, and it is preparing a complete plan to grant all voters a long-term (biometric) card."