2020 will end its challenges for the New Year amid hopes that crises will ease and the page of Corona will be turned

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  • 31-12-2020, 13:04
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    Only hours remain and bid farewell to Iraq 2020, amid harsh memories and painful events accompanied by political, economic and security problems, and government promises awaiting implementation for a better future and hopes for prosperity.

    2020 is an exceptional year in which Iraqis lived through the fears of Corona and the economic repercussions that came with it.

    Despite the hope that most Iraqis have, indications are likely that 2021 will be a difficult financial year in light of reducing the price of the dinar against the dollar and talking about deductions in the salaries of employees.

    And it entered Iraq in 2020 with a coordinated US air strike near Baghdad International Airport targeting the martyrs Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and Qassem Soleimani on the third of December, and after five days, while the bodies of the two martyrs were roaming the Iraqi and Iranian cities, Iran responded, as was expected, by firing long-range missiles at US military bases in Iraq.

    On the twelfth of the same month, hundreds of Iraqis protested the death of two journalists in Basra, while on the 21st of the month, an Iraqi demonstrator working in a medical team to provide assistance to the wounded demonstrators was shot dead in the port of Basra.

    On the other hand, the Iraqis were fighting the Corona virus, on February 24, Najaf al-Ashraf recorded the first infection, and days after the number of infections increased, the government announced a curfew in an attempt to contain the epidemic and prevent it from spreading.