We bid farewell to a year loaded with pain, and we welcome the New Year with challenge and hope President of the Republic

  • 31-12-2020, 12:59
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    With the advent of the new calendar year, we present our dear Iraqi people with wishes that it will be a year of prosperity and tranquility, in which hopes are strengthened and difficulties are overcome, and during which the Corona pandemic ends, and the security and economic challenges that we still suffer from in Iraq and the entire region.

    We bid farewell to 2020, the year of pain and crises, as we witnessed in it exceptional challenges, from the Corona pandemic and the pain we were subjected to in the separation of family and loved ones, and in political storms and security and economic crises that almost pushed the country towards dangerous slides.

    The successive crises and challenges confirm the size and truth of the structural defect in the existing system and the way of governance, and that historical and national responsibility requires serious work to end the cycle of crises afflicting our country, and this requires us to acknowledge that the system of governance that was established after 2003 has undergone a major crack, and it cannot serve The citizen who has become deprived of his most important legitimate rights, therefore, we urgently need a new political contract that establishes a capable, capable and fully sovereign state.

    It is not possible for the Iraqi citizen to bear the tax of political conflicts, failures and corruption, to the point of tampering with his daily power, and this calls for new reform reviews and decisions based on frankness and based on a basic principle not to involve citizens in political conflicts, as it is not possible to link citizens' sustenance and salaries. Employees in Iraq, including in the Kurdistan region, are affected by political conflicts and the scourge of corruption.