The Cabinet issues a number of decisions

  • 29-12-2020, 16:55
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    Baghdad -INA

    The Council of Ministers issued today, Tuesday, a number of decisions, in its regular session, which was held under the chairmanship of Council Chairman Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

     The Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the council issued a number of decisions after discussing the topics on its agenda."

    He added that the decisions included the following:

    - Approval of the Ministry of Transport proceeding with the procedures for concluding a new contract with the Dutch company (Kapier) to build two ships instead of (8) ships, for an amount of thirty-one million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for each ship with the addition of an elevator for each ship, and authorizing a manager General The General Company for Maritime Transport has the power to sign the contract and the financial obligations arising from that

    Approval of the renewal of the numbered contract (MBL / M4 / 20/37) with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) for the next year / 2021 with the same contract quantity of (12) million barrels of Basrah Light crude oil, and the contractual terms previously in effect, provided they are urged To pay within the contractual period, with the exception of regulations No. (9) Issued by the Ministry of Planning.

    - Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council regarding order 97180032 - Contract No. 3063, renewal of the lease contract for a self-generating generating station, North Refineries Company.

    - Approval of the renewal of the contract No. 3063 of 2018 concluded between the North Refineries Company and the British (Aggreko Middle East) Company / the United Arab Emirates branch for the purpose of renting self-generating stations to operate Salah al-Din refineries (1 and 2) for a period of (6) months, with quantities, conditions and obligations The original contract itself, with the exception of the controls No. (9) attached to the instructions for implementing government contracts (2 of 2014), due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, which led to the delay of the direct invitation procedures for the purchase of energy units.

    -Directing the Ministry of Electricity to find a more effective solution to reduce the recurring need for rent.

    - Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council regarding approval to exempt the order (CMIT-PRT-10.30-190110) drilling (22) wells - in the Maysan fields - the third meal - Maysan Oil Company, from paragraph (second / e) of the controls No. (3) Attached to the Instructions for Implementing Government Contracts (2) for the year 2014.

    - A recommendation to the House of Representatives to withdraw the draft law on ratification of the agreement to accelerate economic cooperation and energy affairs between the government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of South Korea


    - The ministries of oil and electricity, in coordination with the South Korean side, to re-examine the aforementioned draft agreement, and to present an appropriate formula for it.