MOE: The Iranian Energy Minister will visit Iraq next Tuesday

  • 27-12-2020, 11:56
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     Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Electricity revealed an upcoming visit of the Iranian Minister of Energy to Iraq to discuss the export of gas and the resulting dues.

    "The Iranian Minister of Energy will visit Iraq next Tuesday and will attend a meeting at the ministry’s headquarters to discuss gas ratios and payable dues with the Iranian side," said the ministry’s spokesman, Ahmad Musa, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stressing that the ministry is waiting for the cabinet to release the dues, as well as Compensating the Ministry of Oil with the lost gas. "

    The ministry pointed out that " Talk about a complete interruption of power supply in the event of reducing gas from the Iranian side untrue, indicating that the ministry has a national product of energy production from stations that run on liquid fuel and work on national gas."