PLC: local and foreign companies use roundabout ways to bring in labor

  • 22-12-2020, 16:59
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    Baghdad -INA

    The Parliamentary Labor and Social Affairs Committee confirmed the existence of local and foreign companies that use roundabout ways to enter foreign workers, indicating that there is a tendency to visit companies abruptly to reveal the true numbers of workers, indicating that controlling the entry of foreign workers into Iraq will provide many opportunities the work.

    Committee member Sattar Jabbar Al-Atabi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The foreign companies operating inside Iraq do not give real data about their need for workers, in addition to the presence of a labor force entering these companies in a semi-formal or informal manner, as well as bringing in labor from Before some companies in roundabout ways, and thus this affects the employment of the Iraqi workforce.”

    He added, "There is a lot of workforce in gas stations, restaurants, homes, etc., far from supervision. Even inspection teams when you visit some companies, you cannot get real information," noting that "during the recent period, some companies have been visited with protection or security forces, because when some inspection teams visit some companies, they prevent them from entering, and they leak some workers. "

    He stressed that "the directive during the recent period is relying on the information received and visiting these companies in a sudden manner, but a hand of corruption remains in this area," explaining that "organizing the workforce and controlling the entry of foreign workers into Iraq will provide many job opportunities for unemployed youth." .