Cabinet: 7 decisions to confront the new strain of Corona

  • 22-12-2020, 14:13
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Council of Ministers issued seven decisions that included preventive measures to confront the new strain of Corona virus.

    The media office of the Prime Minister stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "the Council of Ministers stressed in its session held today, Tuesday, to intensify efforts and take all measures to protect citizens and preserve their health, after the emergence of a new strain of Corona virus." It invaded several countries in the world, threatening danger. "

    He indicated that in order to confront this new type of virus, which is characterized by rapid transmission and spread, and to avoid its spread in the country, and based on what was stated in the report of the Ministry of Health, and the warnings contained therein of the dangers that may result from the spread of the virus, the Cabinet took a number of measures Preventative, as shown below:

    1- Urging citizens to wear masks and apply social distancing and other prevention measures.

    2- Banning travel to each of the following countries (Britain, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Iran, Japan, and any other country determined by the Ministry of Health in the future), as well as preventing entry to arrivals from them (except for Iraqis and obligating them to be quarantined for a period of 14 days. In places designated for this purpose, they are not allowed to mix with others until it is proven that they do not have the disease by examining them with PCR and for a period of two weeks, and until the global and regional health situation is clear for the spread of this strain.

    3- The Ministry of Finance secures the first payment of (3001050) dollars, for the purpose of paying it in advance to Pfizer, as well as securing the remaining amount of the total cost of the vaccine, which is $ (15005250) dollars.

    4- Emphasis on the Ministry of Education and governors in all governorates not to give any exceptions regarding school days, especially private schools, in contravention of the decisions of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety in this regard.

    5- Emphasizing on the Ministry of Education to instruct the education directorates in all governorates to cooperate with the school health divisions in the health departments, to examine students and cadres within educational institutions, and to follow up on the measures to be taken in schools to limit the spread of disease, as well as to emphasize all ministries and state departments to adhere to preventive measures, To reduce the transmission of the disease and prevent any employee or references from entering state departments without wearing a muzzle.

    6- Close social facilities (restaurants, malls, etc.) for a period of two weeks, starting from 12/24/2020.

    7- Close all land border crossings, except for emergency cases.