PFC: CBI will take measures regarding the exchange rate of the dinar

  • 18-12-2020, 17:39
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    Baghdad - INA 


     The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the governor of the central bank of iraq will take measures regarding the exchange rate of the dinar.

     A member of the committee, MP Ahmad Al-Saffar, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The leaked budget project is unofficial, and no one knows who is behind its diversion, what is the purpose of its diversion, and what is meant by the diversion," pointing out that "the leakage of the budget has an impact on market position and the citizen’s psyche. "

     Al-Saffar added that "the financial committee met with the governor of the central bank, and that there are some measures that the governor will take," noting that "the committee is continuing to follow up the matter, and is awaiting the arrival of the draft budget until it has its own opinion in this regard."

     For his part, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Naji Al-Saidi said: “The governor of the Central Bank, during his hosting by the committee regarding the implications of the high exchange rates of the dollar towards the Iraqi dinar, indicated that this increase was caused by the government, not the central bank, considering that the dollar comes from Iraqi oil sales, which go down in the development Fund for Iraq in the United States of America, therefore the real owner of the dollar is the Ministry of Finance, which sells the dollar to the Central Bank as the government accountant.