Salih: Iraq started writing the National Contributions Document

  • 12-12-2020, 18:26
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     INA – Baghdad

    President Barham Salih, announced that Iraq has begun writing the National Contributions Document.

    "The difficult conditions that Iraq went through as a result of wars and recurrent conflicts, led to define the country as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, obstructing economic, industrial and technological development," said Salih in a speech during the Global Climate Ambition Summit.

    Salih added that the Iraqi parliament voted on 22th of September, 2020 to join Paris Climate Agreement, and with this, announced the country’s heading to embark a new era and a qualitative shift based on economic diversification represented by supporting renewable energies, clean mechanisms, entering carbon markets and raising the resilience of adapting vulnerable regions and societies exposed to climate change and severe economic fluctuations, as well as support investment for the private sector.

    He pointed to the need to support youth and the role of women in economic development and climate action.

    "Iraq has begun writing the National Document of Contributions (NDC), as a quick response to this accession, which is the supreme policy for making climate changes in the country and establishing a supportive green economy between 2020 and 2030," Salih added.