In pictures... Iraq International Book Fair

Culture and art
  • 10-12-2020, 15:28
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    Baghdad - INA

    In the capital of beauty and glamor Baghdad, in the land which the letter was launched form it, and its civilization spread to the whole world, this city rises today with its pains to blend its luxurious past with its ambitious present into a promising future with good and beauty, to host the International Book Fair, this fertile and abundant cultural demonstration of art and knowledge, through The participation of a number of local, Arab and international publishing houses, and a distinguished number of writers and creators in various fields of creativity, in the presence of a large audience of intellectuals, academics, and university and graduate students.


    The Iraqi News Agency (INA), accompanied this joyful cultural wedding in the presence of its staff to reflect an image of the activities of the exhibition days, which witnesses cultural activities and poetry and intellectual seminars for the General Center of the Writers and Writers Union and its branches in the governorates, in addition to the participation of many trade unions and cultural organizations that you find in this exhibition A good opportunity to present Iraqi creativity, and dialogue with creative people.

    What is noteworthy in organizing the exhibition this year is the glorious attendance of large numbers of those who did not neglect the instructions of the Crisis Cell to wear masks and physical distancing.